Our use of organic non-toxic solutions which are rich in nutrients are beneficial to maintaining and managing healthy tree and shrub care.

Organic tree and shrub care begins with a commitment to the environment. Ecological landscapes of the Northeast differ from others in ecological attributes and management opportunities. There is a unique combination of physical and biological characteristics that make up our ecosystem, such as climate, geology, soils, water, or vegetation.

We believe it is important to maintain the integrity of our natural resources that protect and enhance property values as well as provide overall safety. Our comprehensive services offer programs that are cost-effective and environmentally

Biological Sprays
These “Environmentally Friendly Organic Applications” eliminate diseases, repel harmful insects and allows your trees and shrubs to survive and thrive.

We use the finest in Citronella, Rosemary Oil, Garlic and Bacillus Thuringiens (BT) Sprays for Biological Insect and Disease Control. There is no synthetic pesticide base to these sprays making this process very safe and effective. We also have an excellent tick and mosquito control program using organic products. If necessary, we will re-apply at no additional cost if you
are on our Premium Organic Care Program.

We are committed to Organic Management and have Arborists who are specially trained and licensed in organic care of your trees and shrubs. We eliminate all pesticides and synthetic fertilizers by applying organic materials then apply our proven method of nutrients, using the latest in organic nontoxic technology to reintroduce beneficial microorganisms that allows trees and shrubs to thrive.


With proper care you can enjoy your trees and plants for many years.


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